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ET-55 Foundry Mold End Table

ET-55 Foundry Mold End Table
Base price

ET-55 Foundry Mold End Table - ONE LEFT ~ $595

Many years ago we salvaged hundreds of foundry mold in all sizes and shapes from a factory in Rhode Island.  The factory was being transformed into condominiums and the foundry molds were being thrown into dumpsters.  We originally had two of these end tables but one has been sold.  This foundry mold is made of solid mahogany and brass.  We added the vintage pipe legs making it table height. 

Measurements:  22" L x 17 1/2" D x 26" H

This piece is currently located at Furniture Consignment Gallery in Natick, MA.  Please call 508-319-5600.

Color I Color II Color III